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General Stuff bwt me
Name:Jenna Kane
Hair colour: Light brown i fink
Eye Colour: BLUE!
Height: 5ft i tink
Colour: Blue n red
Animal: Tiger
Food: Pizza :)
Sport: Basketball
Music: Tupac
T.V show: The o.c
Film: Dodgeball
Ice Cream Flavour: Mint Choccy chip
Chocolate: Dairy milk
Drink: Appeltiser
One or the other
Snikers or Mars: Mars
Coke or Fanta: Fanta
Dog or Cat: dog (but onli lil ones)
Hot or cold: Hot
Saturday or sunday: saturday-theres mor on telly
Summer or winter: summer
ketchup or mustard: ketchup
mum or dad: mum shegives me more money n stuff :)
dots or stripes: dots
Biggie or tupac: Tupac
Ja rule or 50 cent: 50 cent -easily
Nas or jay-z: nas
usher or justin: justin, not that i like either of them
g unit or terror squad: g unit
east or west: west





Tupac Shakur


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

Dodgeball, sean of the dead, finding nemo n scary movie

Here's a list of some of my favorite music artists:

Tupac, 50 cent, nwa, bone thugz n harmony n run dmc